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We have tried to create a site which is unique to all ages and is family friendly.  Most of the content here purveys a sense of the old days when men and women used their hands to create unique and functional items for use in their homes and communities. 

Imagination and curiosity of how things work create new ideas and inventions on which we build our dreams and our future.  Our hunger for knowledge caused the industrial age of steam and power to advance our skills to build a better world.  So, read, dream and build your own life of knowledge and craft.


MichaelV is a woodcarver, bowyer, cane and staff maker - as far as I know he is the only maker of Scottish double crook canes in the US. He also putters with solar and DC electonics, including Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone and Arduina boards.  You can see many of his projects on this site.  I (Abigail) am the site designer and CG Artist.


We now have music and video here for you to enjoy.  Check out our library of free downloadable eBooks or see current news, weather conditions and forecasts.


Come back often as the content here will change and grow.  We welcome you to partake in both the old and the new on this site.




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Michael V

Born in Plainwell Michigan attending school in Otsego through 10th grade.  Moved to Madison Maine and graduated from Madison High School.  Later attended Davenport College and ICS distance learning receiving certifications in computer repair and software troubleshooting. 

Abigale Gabriela Kinsela

Born and raised in beautiful Westport Ireland overlooking Clew Bay.   Attended Sacred Heart Secondary School then Westport College earning a FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Office Administration and Level 6 Certificate in Art.  Now resides in Montpelier Vermont.

Carvings & Electronics Contact: MichaelV

Art and Content Contact:  Gabriela Kinsela


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